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Countless thousands of men and women have been called to fight for their country. Each of these brave heroes have either lost their lives in combat, or have come back home to live out the rest of their lives in peace and contentment. Mental affective conditions such as PTSD often derail their best attempts at a normal life. At Armor Down, our Mission First is to see that these brave warriors get the best chance possible at normalcy. That is why we created the Mindful Basic Training course.

This revolutionary method is the brainchild of Ben King, and he has been successfully practicing it, and teaching it for years. Now for the first time, Ben is bringing his flagship system to the masses and IS offering certifications in his unique method of training. Ben's system is the first of its' kind because it combines military strength conditioning, breathing exercises, and stretching techniques, all combined to form his own method of mindfulness practice. His next-generation system has a track record of proven results alleviating the suffering associated with post-combat trauma. Now you can become a master in Armor Down's program of mindfulness as well.

As a certified Mindful Basic Trainer you will have the knowledge, strength, and skill, of a warrior. You will have mastery of vital breath techniques, which connects the mind to the body. You will gain proficiency in stretching, which connects the body to the mind. Through mindfulness you will learn the art of peace, and how to apply it to your every day life. Most importantly, you will be a healer, equipped with the training to foster a level of health and wellbeing that each and every one of us deserves.

Learn Healing From A Warrior

Armor Down BG2.png