Resiliency And Transition Techniques

Recent studies have documented the challenges faced by returning service members. These studies have established the effectiveness of integrative techniques such as mindfulness, breathing, and stretching, in helping restore psychological and physical wellness. Armor Down desires to function as a repository for scientifically accredited methods that promote health and wellbeing. We refer to them as Resiliency and Transition Techniques (RTT). Since few of these practices are associated with military training, Armor Down re-contextualizes them to make them more acceptable to Service Members of all branches.

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Here you will find a collection of the latest research to supplement Armor Down's Mindful Basic Training course. Each link will take you to a published scientific article, or an article written specifically by Armor Down's own research department. Utilizing these briefings will bring about a better cognitive understanding of mindfulness and why we feel it is vital for Armoring Down.

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